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The majority of the time in early New Orleans, whites of French or Spanish descent were defined as the Creoles and mixed were described as free people of color and slaves were described as Creole slaves, meaning a possession of the Creoles (full European descent).It was then later that the mixed races began to refer to themselves as Creole as well, as they were fathered by French Creole men.Louisianans descended from the French Acadians of Canada are not creoles in the strictest sense but are referred to as, and identify as, 'Cajuns' - a derivation of the word Acadian, indicating French Canadian settlers as ancestors.Cajun French dialect and culture is distinct from Creole French dialects and Creole cultures of New Orleans.In Louisiana, originally Creole was only used to describe people of French and then Spanish descent who were born in Louisiana and used the term to distinguish themselves from newly arrived immigrants.Later, the terms were differentiated further after the emergence of a newly mixed-race group that began to share the usage of the identity, as well as newly arriving Anglo-Americans lumping whites, mixed and blacks into a general francophone "Creole" cultural group.Your odds of meeting people improve the more you put yourself out there.Online dating gets you out there without leaving home.

Louisianans who identify themselves as "Creole" are most commonly from historically Francophone and Hispanic communities.

The parishes of Pointe Coupee, Evangeline and Avoyelles are largely still Creole.

Today, the Parish of Avoyelles probably has one of the largest percentages of French Creole descendants in its population, according to Texas and the Gulf Coastal Plains regions near the Louisiana border have a Cajun/Creole influence.

Creoles are largely Roman Catholic and influenced by traditional French and Spanish culture left from the first Colonial Period, officially beginning in 1722 with the arrival of the Ursuline Nuns, who were preceded by another order, the sisters of the Sacred Heart, with whom they lived until their first convent could be built with monies from the French Crown. The "fiery Latin temperament" described by early scholars on New Orleans culture made sweeping generalizations to accommodate Creoles of Spanish heritage as well as the original French.

The mixed race creoles, descendants of mixing of European colonists, slaves and Native Americans or sometimes 'Gens de Couleur' (free men and women of colour), began during the colonial periods with the arrival of slave populations.

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Some of their ancestors came to Louisiana directly from France, Spain and others came via the French and Spanish colonies in the Caribbean and Canada.

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