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Either way, the promotion period ends when the event ends.Events can be assigned to buildings and/or rooms within this venue.Select a window of time to promote this event (the "promotion period").If this event has only one time (it's not a repeating event), then there is only one option.The only applicant turned out to be the Richmond Broadcasting Company, which was nowhere near as large as either WRVA or WRNL.

WTVR-TV is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Richmond, Virginia, United States.The promotion period starts thirty days prior to the event's start time.If this event is less than thirty days away, the promotion period starts now.In 1953, WTVR activated its tall tower, located adjacent to its West Broad studios.The 843-foot (257 m) (1,049-foot (320 m) above sea level) tower is considered part of the Richmond skyline, and can be seen for several miles around Richmond.

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WTVR-FM is still owned by what is now i Heart Media, while the AM station, bought by Salem Communications in 2001 and programmed as Christian talk, was later sold by Salem and is now Spanish religious station WBTK.

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