Dominant and submissive hookups

In a D/s relationship, you need to trust another human being in ways that are rarely explored.A Dom is intoxicated by someone who is willing to trust him or her that much.

I love my husband—and I love having sex with him, but in an entirely different way. Even though we have a safe word, I've never used it.When I first met Doug on in 2005, we were 26 and living in Washington, D.C., both recently out of serious relationships, both working long hours at jobs we loved.Then Doug stood up, towering over me, and grabbed a fistful of my hair. Meanwhile, I tried to suppress this thing between Doug and me. With 500 miles between us, we're in contact over e-mail, text, and Skype.He ordered me to perform oral sex, but that first time wasn't really about sex, it was about seeing if I'd be obedient. Afterward, I cried, overwhelmed by how raw it all was. When Doug texted that he was moving to Boston for a big promotion, I agreed to meet him for a drink. Because BDSM is about so much more than just sex, Doug can still be my Dom from afar, focusing more on psychological control.

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Curious about my new feelings, I did some research online. Another showed a girl on the floor with a man standing over her asking who she belonged to. He'd finished an Ironman triathlon, and I'd started working on a business plan to venture out on my own.

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