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Together with his wife Annie Lalla, he is a member of the business group known as The Syndicate which uses digital marketing and sells online self-help products.Pagan is known as an author of many infomercial products, such as Self-Made Wealth, Make Money As A Modern Day Guru, and Print Persuasion Masterclass.Of course, I’m talking about “the Syndicate” and its affiliates, a group that appears to include community notables like Eben Pagan (David D), Neil Strauss and Mystery.It’s kinda strange to think about it, but it seems like most of the scams you see on the internet these days are connected to one network.Frank Kern is the internet marketing scammer who invented the concept of “syndicates” where internet marketing con artists get together to boost each other.Kern got together with other internet marketing con artists to form a syndicate which they call The Syndicate.

David D (Or Eben Pagan) has since moved onto business coaching and training, and got married in 2012.Former real estate agent Eben Pagan is best known as a pick-up artist presenting himself under the pseudonym David De Angelo.He is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker.PUAHate documented the links between game and Frank Kern.Although guys on here are used to thinking about PUA as this isolated thing, the truth is it was really just one subculture in a large, mostly centralized scam movement based around Frank Kern and his partners, starting around 2005 or so and based primarily in California.

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