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This, despite the fact you had a good time and you feel like he or she did too. Maybe they’re playing hard to get (but then you realize you’ve sent the past five messages and garnered zero responses).You send a message or two and don’t get a response. Maybe they were at a pool party with friends over the weekend and some jerk threw them into the swimming pool even though everybody knows that in the age of cell phones that’s not a cool thing to do at all.More The third psychosocial stage occurs between the ages of about three and five and is centered on developing a sense of self-initiative.Children who are allowed and encouraged to engage in self-directed play emerge with a sense of strong initiative, while those who are discouraged from these activities may begin to feel a sense of guilt over their self-initiated activities.They continue to maintain radio silence, and at a certain point you realize that it’s happening—that this person may want to end things and is going to attempt to do so without having any sort of conversation about it or even letting you know. So now they don’t have a cell phone and just haven’t gotten around to letting you know via some form of social media, which they should be able to find you on pretty easily because they know your last name and all. They’d have certainly texted you by now if they weren’t dead or something close to dying, right?Maybe there has been some kind of family crisis and they’re off the grid because of that. You think you’re overreacting, that they’re bound to reach out very soon.4. This stage comes on the heels of denial—when you conclude that, no, they are not going to reach out soon. " you seethe, as you begin dreaming up heinous plans to ruin their life or at least shame them in some way.During adolescence, teens explore different behaviors, roles and identities.

More In the fifth psychosocial stage, the formation of a personal identity becomes critical.Because, you know, people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this stuff!You think about maybe trying to sleep with one of their friends and hope that they never get another date again for as long as they live.(Pro-tip from the serially ghosted: Dumplings tend to help in some small way.)8. A time will come when you accept that you’ve been ghosted on by some jerk who, let’s be honest, didn’t deserve you anyway.Once you give it a little thought, you’ll conclude that this happens to everyone these days and isn’t that big a deal at all.

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Tasks such as learning how to use the toilet, selecting foods and choosing toys are ways that children gain a greater sense of independence.

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