Foursquare for facebook not updating

Last year, Facebook introduced Events — a standalone app that combined a dedicated calendar with happenings around town.

The app was not a hit — it dropped out of the most-downloaded i OS apps a few days after launching, according to data from market research firm App Annie, and never returned. From now on, the app formerly known as Events will now be called Local, and will incorporate information about local businesses and reviews from Facebook users.

In the meantime, it’s a step closer to Foursquare and Yelp. In a broader sense, Foursquare’s new lifelog concept will also let Swarm provide interesting insights much in the same way Timehop and other nostalgia-driven services surface old Facebook posts.“Whether it’s software that goes back and does it for you, or you actively going through and combing through that history,” Crowley adds, “the idea of calling this a lifelog is taking what used to be a feature of Foursquare and Swarm and turning it into the primary value proposition.” As for why it took so long for Foursquare to find this focus for Swarm, Crowley says it always felt secondary to why people were using his company’s apps. There’s not enough people that think of the app this way to think of this as the primary story,” he says.Now, in 2017, Crowley says there’s an opportunity for a Swarm check-in to sit between a polished Instagram post and a disappearing Snap, as something you do less for others and more for yourself.Much in the same way that Google Photos’ auto-upload feature creates a constant backlog of visual experiences, Crowley and crew want Swarm to be a diary of your day-to-day life that can tell you, years from now, exactly where you were on a given day.

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Compared with boasting to your friends about your 14th consecutive coffee shop visit, the lifelog is a grander and more appealing purpose for the check-in.

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